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Hisashi Sasaki

sartoria Hisashi Sasaki
is from Osaka in Japan. In 2004 he moved in Italy. After graduating men's pattern maker in Milan, he began to work in tailors atelier to have the traditional techniques for Italian classic suits.
In 2014 received the Gold medal from the Milan Tailor's Guild.
Since 2016 he has opened his own atelier Tailor H.Sasaki and from 2018 he has taken over the management of Tailor Guido Esposito founded since 1959 in via San Paolo of Milan.

Guido Esposito
is from Pescara in Abruzzo.
In 1959 he opened his own atelier Tailor G.Esposito in the central of Milan where received his clients, most of exponents of the bourgeois class of the City. He make bespoke suits more than 50 years using the Italian traditional techniques by Hand.

Via San Paolo 13 - 20121 Milano Italia

+39. 028057728